Locally Owned Facility Delivers on Funeral Home and Cremations in The Village, OK

The Village, OK Funeral Home And Cremations

When circumstances require planning for end-of-life arrangements, choosing a local and small business can significantly benefit you as a consumer. When planning any death care services such as funeral home and cremations in The Village, OK, finding caring professionals who can customize their offerings to your unique needs will help in a very challenging time.

Over the last few decades, large corporations bought up several established funeral homes throughout the country. Because these investors are often publicly traded, they must answer to stockholders, and profits drive virtually every business decision. Unfortunately, in this industry, there is a disconnect between big businesses and the consumers they support. Those who run the facilities are often limited in how they can serve their clients because of corporate policy.

Corbett Funeral & Cremation was created to answer this problem. Owned and operated by the same individual, consumers have found a safe place to make these arrangements. This funeral home has all of the services and event styles you may need to choose from a full-service firm.

Some Good Things to Know Regarding Funeral Home and Cremations in The Village, OK

There are options for final disposition and the preparation of deceased remains. The experts at Corbett Funeral & Cremation offer proper cremations to give you peace of mind. Dignity and respect guide all of our processes. As every cremation is performed in our own facility and overseen by our competent directors, we confidently offer our Worry-Free Cremation guarantee.

With a range of cremation service packages available, there is sure to be one to fit your needs if you are selecting this option. Simple cremations are offered without any attached publicly held service. More involved full funeral services can also be held prior to the cremation if needed or desired. All cremation packages include at least the following:

  • Transfer of the deceased from the place of death to the funeral facility
  • Obtaining needed permits and filing necessary paperwork such as death certificates
  • A cremation “casket” is a receptacle for holding the deceased during cremation
  • The cremation of one deceased individual weighing up to 300 pounds in our onsite crematory
  • Urn spending allowance of $125
  • An online memorial with photos provided by the next of kin
  • Delivery of cremated remains within the designated delivery area

Every cremation is performed for only one person at a time. Legal and ethical considerations are carefully attended to and followed. We offer as much transparency as possible for your peace of mind through all aspects of funeral home and cremations in The Village, OK.

Traditional funerals or modernized, very unique services can be designed to create the most suitable type of service for your loved one. Taking time to honor the passing of a deceased family member gives us the opportunity to share memories and stories with others who loved them too. It provides a way to bring closure and say goodbye one more time. This can be an important aspect to consider for grieving family and friends.

Non-traditional and traditional burials can be planned for and supported at various locations. A casket burial is widely used and well understood by most of us. Some cemetery or memorial locations also offer above-ground burial spaces in mausoleums. Cremated remains can be buried in most cemeteries. Whatever route you choose, it is a good idea to have a place of final memorial that can be visited in the future by you and/or the descendants of the deceased. 


Veteran Services Available Including Honorable Cremation

The men and women who have served our country in uniform deserve our utmost respect and care. The staff at Corbett Funeral & Cremation have taken the time to train in all aspects of military death care and available services. In so doing, we are able to offer exclusive Veterans Funeral Care benefits to our military clients. This program provides a reduction in funeral costs to these heroes and their families.

Interment at a national cemetery benefits most honorably discharged veterans and their immediate, dependent family members. The benefit includes a gravesite, appropriate burial vault, grave marker, and the payment of fees for the opening and closure of the grave. Perpetual care of the grave is also generally included.

Cremation is a wonderful option for veterans. When offering honorable cremation, a donated flag that is no longer fit to fly may be laid over the veteran prior to cremation. Then, the flag and veterans are respectfully processed into ashes. If you have a flag that needs to be retired, consider donating it for this purpose.

Visit Our Facility

As you make preparations for funeral home and cremations in The Village, OK, we invite you to come by Corbett Funeral & Cremation. With convenient access at 807 W Wilshire Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73116, we are available to show you around our beautiful funeral home. Call (405) 488-3848 to make an appointment.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

What is in a funeral service?

A funeral service is an event that commonly takes place at the funeral home, a church, or at the graveside. It can include music, the reading of literary or religious passages, a eulogy, prayer, sermon, and the singing of hymns. Learn more.

Do all veterans get military funerals?

Almost all veterans can receive military funeral honors at no cost provided they are eligible and not dishonorably discharged. They are also entitled to free memorial items such as headstones, markers, a burial flag, and medallions. Learn more.

Why pre-plan your funeral?

There are three important benefits of pre-planning. First, the peace of mind that comes with knowing your wishes have been made known and the details are taken care of. Second, the comfort of knowing your family will not have to make funeral arrangement decisions during the difficult time of their initial grief. Third, it eliminates any issues or problems among family members after your death. Learn more.