Locally Owned and Operated Firm for Funeral Home and Cremations in Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma City, OK Funeral Home And Cremations

When selecting a provider of funeral home and cremations in Oklahoma City, OK, it is a good idea to look for a locally owned and operated firm. This is because the people who make the decisions are also the ones who are interacting with their customers day-to-day. When large corporations buy up funeral homes, they have to answer to shareholders and are understandably profit-driven. This is fine in many industries. However, in the funeral business, it can fall very flat.

Corbett Funeral & Cremation was created to offer the area an alternative to big business funeral providers. We created a full-service facility complete with an on-campus crematorium. It is owned and run by individuals who actually live and work here. Our clients have glowingly positive things to say about our company. 

A Few Things to Know About Funeral Home and Cremations in Oklahoma City, OK

Cremations have many laws and regulations governing how they are performed. The Proper Cremation promise at Corbett Funeral & Cremation assures you that your loved one will be cared for as our own. With all of our services provided onsite, your loved one stays within our care from the moment we pick them up until the remains are returned to you. With security protocols to protect against human error, we guarantee the process with our Worry-Free Cremation pledge.

Cremation packages range from a simple cremation to full funeral and viewing services held prior to the cremation. At a minimum, each package includes the following services:

  • The transport of your loved one to our funeral home
  • Processing of paperwork and necessary permits
  • A lightweight container to enclose the remains for cremation
  • The actual cremation of a body up to 300 pounds in weight (additional fees apply for higher weights)
  • An allowance for a funeral urn up to $125 (this can be used towards higher-priced urns if desired)
  • A customized virtual slideshow with your chosen photographs for online memorial
  • Delivery of final remains within our local radius

Each cremation is done one person at a time. All legal and ethical practices are meticulously followed for each service we perform. You can see the facilities where this is done, and we offer as much transparency as possible for your peace of mind. Don’t choose just any provider for funeral home and cremations in Oklahoma City, OK--work with the very best.

As far as funerals go, services can be as modern or traditional as you might wish. Traditional funerals offer a point of gathering for those who want to pay final respects and have an opportunity to say “goodbye.” It is well recognized and documented that having some type of honoring service is very beneficial for the bereaved who survive the death of their loved ones. Helping you design these services is part of how we can assist and lift your burden at this time.

Burial is a choice for intact, casketed remains, and also for cremated remains. Traditional burials are typically located in cemeteries or memorial parks. In some locations, there are options for above-ground burial within mausoleums or stone crypts. Columbariums can house cremated remains for above-ground burial. Burial offers a beautiful way to have a permanent memorial place for yourself and future generations to visit in the coming months and years.

Services Specific to Veterans and Their Families

Veteran services are so important. Honoring those who have given so much of themselves is a humbling experience. As an exclusive provider of Veterans Funeral Care, our staff is trained at length in the details of military honors and proper protocols for our heroes who have served. We are also well acquainted with the available benefits to bring reduced funeral costs to veterans and their families.

Burial in a national cemetery is a right that is available to virtually all honorably discharged veterans. This is true if they served in war or peace-filled times. As part of this benefit, all costs for the gravesite, grave liner, headstone, and grave opening and closing fees are covered. It is also good to know that this benefit extends to the veteran’s spouse and any dependent children as well.

Honorable Cremation for veterans is another way to lay your loved one to rest respectfully. One option is for a flag in need of retirement to be laid over the veteran’s remains just prior to the cremation. In this way, both the veteran and the flag are honored in a meaningful way.

Tour Our Facility

As you plan for death care services, including funeral home and cremations in Oklahoma City, OK, we invite you to come see us at Corbett Funeral & Cremation. Centrally located at 807 W Wilshire Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73116, our warmly welcoming facility is available for viewing. Please call to arrange an appointment at (405) 488-3848.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

What is the average funeral cost in Oklahoma?

The average funeral costs in Oklahoma is around $7,640 and cremation service can cost in the region of $3,000. A simple, low-cost direct cremation service can be conducted in Oklahoma for as little as $945 to $1,550. There are many funeral homes out there that offer affordable funeral services and it is recommended to check each one before deciding which one to go for. Learn more.

How long does graveside service last?

Graveside service may include readings, prayers, or songs and can last no longer than 20 to 30 minutes. For religious graveside service, the officiating priest or pastor incorporates a reading of the scripture followed by a sermon. The service can also include songs and prayers. Learn more.

What is partial cremation?

Partial cremation is a type of cremation that takes place within a few days after death with a service to follow. The cremated remains are typically displayed in an urn with family and friends present. This option is often cheaper than full-service cremation, as there are no casket or embalming charges. Learn more.